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lirik lagu tamper – winterhill


y’all be none the wiser to the way i make my k cup
wake up, drained, stake the pain, and then say it’ll be ok
begin my little day
work hard for a certificate
could hardly earn the cage
let alone a leash
mellodrama, from a leveraged position
i’m such a leech
litter in my brain from not taking things seriously
or blaming me for my realty
i wish i was just renting
but this tree*house grew around me
it just found me
and the kid could make do
but then the sh*t hardly grew
enough to keep up with the slew
of what the weather does to you
it’s inevitable too…

july 1st and i haven’t heard a single firework burst
why does it feel more out of place every year since the first
and i don’t want you to see me in the state i’m emersed, i might just disperse
we could talk or i could write this verse
(therapy wouldn’t hurt)
i w*i wonder what i’ll do