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lirik lagu 420 freestyle – wiz khalifa


30, you a fool for this one
mike will made-it

ear drummers

i was posted on the block with a big -ss joint
police everywhere so we stay on point
money in my hand, pockets stay on swole
and if you ever ask a question n-gg- we don’t know
don’t be talking to me crazy if you ain’t ’bout drama
and don’t even be hittin’ my phone if it ain’t about commas
imma ride every day for my gang with no problems
and if a n-gg- want beef, we filet ’em and chop ’em
i get high every day, you can say i’m a doctor
got my n-gg-s out the streets, you can say i’m a prophet
i got money in the bank, it can’t fit in no wallet
i got n-gg-s in the pen, but that ain’t on the topic
roll the weed in the paper you would think it was college
got my mind on my money, i’m just focused and honest
if a n-gg- talk crazy then we leavin’ him tarnished
yeah my crib in the hills but i came from the bottom
i ain’t worried about the mills cause i already got ’em
everytime i’m in the bank trying make an deposit
if i’m hoppin’ on the plane, know i’m gon’ make a profit
got the keys to the game if i wanna unlock it
i’ll be smokin’ kk til’ you think i’m unconscious
i’m a real -ss n-gg- know my style ain’t polished
you’s a fake -ss n-gg- know you can’t come ’round us
was round good weed back when our parents could ground us
now i’m doin’ real sh-t that they say that they proud of
f-cked up situations trying get my guys out of
if you see a n-gg- with me best believe that they ’bout it
taylor gang or they die best believe that they shout it
i pour up a lot of drink come to weed need a mountain
keep the money comin’ in run to me like a fountain
lot of f-ck n-gg-s hate, i can see ’em they doubt it
don’t approach the situation they just reaching around it
i ain’t scared of confrontation me i’m speaking about it
i got so much f-ckin’ money that i need an accountant
i’m so big you don’t see me, you just reading about it
if you coming at the gang then you need to reroute it
wanna know how i maintain well the secrets they solid
n-gg-s wanna know the formula cause we done found it
make another 100 mill, i ain’t gone be cool about it
made my way up out my city yeah it can be kinda violent

’cause when you getting money n-gg-s try to slide on you
and when it’s said and done them hoes switch sides on you
but i got four dime pieces at the crib waiting for me
two cell phones cause the money keep coming
o’s in my bank, ain’t no one f-cking with me
smoking kk like everyday 420