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lirik lagu moon – woesxo


are you regretting our reconnection?
girl, let me know
i know the summer’s coming, but it’s raining
it can turn to snow
girl, do i have to let you go?
if that’s the case, then i’ll equip my poker face
i won’t let it show
i been in a hopeless place, where the grass, it don’t ever grow
cus’ the sun doesn’t ever glow
but the moon is forever known
i could see our initials from here, engraved like they’ll never go
either mеans we’re official or meant for dust, but i’ll nеver know
tryna show you i miss you through all the poems that i ever wrote
tryna kiss all my muses through all the music i ever told
tryna write about something else, but this feeling is never old
girl, it’s all getting difficult

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