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lirik lagu spend da block – wokkywtw


i get my n*ggas to crack me a zeal
when i get my shooters it start gettin real
my n*ggas start sparkin you pop like a pill
you better start duckin and it’s not a drill
yo music so ass and that sh*t was a steal
my n*ggas gon shoot and then go for the k!ll
the choppa start fyein til that n*gga kneel
i’m tryna get open and crack me a seal

i get my n*ggas to crack me a zan
they tryna be nice but not really yo friend
that n*gga steal music he really my twin
right after this flight finna pop me a band
we spinning his block and we spinning again
they say i can’t rap but i know that i can
them n*ggas that hatin they really yo fan
the choppa start shooting and make n*ggas dance
i’m switching the first cuz it’s the beginning
them n*ggas start hating cuz i just be winning
when n*ggas start hating they switching positions
when n*ggas start hating they really be trippin
i’m whippin this b*tch and i cook in the kitchen
the choppa so loud it start make n*ggas flipping
she hitting me up and i said keep the distance
we use em as bait but my n*ggas not fishin

i gotta choppa it send you to heaven
he run right up on us we teach him a lesson
the money that come in is really a blessin
i’m loving that money i got an obsession
that n*ggas a b*tch you can tell how he dressin
he runnin up funny we take the possessions
he start tellin lies so we ended the session
we don’t like the lies so we start manifesting