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lirik lagu p.n.s.f. – wolf p


(verse 1)
i’m here suffering, wandering in my own life
just wanna someone who fills my parents with so much pride
be that one special i’ve always said i was
not a disappointment, no, not that, because
it would destroy my moms hope that she has in me
i’ve always told her to wait and see
that i’m gonna be this and that i’m gonna be that
that i’m gonna support the fam no matter what
always seemed impossible but i’ll prove otherwise
my dreams will come true and i will strive
i’m sorry mom, i can’t go back to college
understand that i don’t belong there, neither my knowledge
i can’t go back, i’ll never p-ss the exam
i’m sorry for not telling you who i really am
don’t really know if i’ll ever get that degree
i’m sorry, i just want you to be proud of me
dad i know you told me to go out and find a job
didn’t even try to do it ‘cause i’m such a sn-b
didn’t even put the effort ‘cause that stuff isn’t for me
i can only think about getting closer to a grammy
i know that i can do this, i’m tough enough
believe in me, i’m a diamond in a rough
and my sister, you always helped me
always had my back and told me to live free
thank you so much for everything you have done
i owe you my life and for you i’ll be the one
that’s gonna change our lives so we can live better
starting with you ‘cause you deserve so much better
can’t thank you enough for helpin’ me when i needed
thank you one more time, thank you, i mean it
with your example of hard work i wanna change everything
change our families lives ‘cause i’m tired of doin’ nothin’
just being still while everyone says “goodbye”
is time to unleash my wings and start to fly

(hook 2x)
i don’t care what the outside world thinks
i walk my own path not handled by strings
i’ve always was and always will be
a special star, that’s inside of me

(verse 2)
yes ‘cause who said i wasn’t meant to fly?
who said i can’t reach sky high?
got this feeling in me comin’ right from the heart
it needs to explode and give me a fresh start
‘cause i’ve raised the bar so much on myself
that every step i take is a crack on my sh-ll
always h-ttin’ and hittin’ until it finally blasts
i hope some day i can say “free at last”
from this image of mine that is no more than a lie
i just hope i could be so happy how i look like
got so much pain but always smiled back
you don’t understand it so i gotta show you that
i’m gonna be everything i’ve always wanted to become
using b-ss, sampling, synthesizer and drums
to my girls, you know how important you are
your friendship to me shines brighter than a star
you ladies are the ones that were always there
you’re so important to me, can’t lose you, i swear
and to my homies, who always have my back
better not mess with them or i’ll break your neck
i never ride alone, i always got those two
if you run against us in the street, god help you
to the other so called “friends”, i don’t even know where you at
you don’t deserve any bars, in my blood you are the fat
it is the smell of fakeness that hangers me
success is the best revenge, now just watch me
being honest, never doing this with dishonest
‘cause if it’s to be done, it’s gotta be the hardest
the g.o.a.t., for you that don’t understand
that’s my sign in chinese, definition of who i really am
and that means i was born to be different
i was born to be particular, unalike but efficient
so it’s alright that i gotta do everything on my own
it builds me up to be so much strong
i came to realize that i belong on stage
i wanna do this all day until my final age

(hook 2x)