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lirik lagu 100 supernovas – won00


gundam laser blasters, super robot chapters
salutations from the one nova that fully scatters
one hundred supernovas don’t even outnumber me
i bet you want to see, you’ll sing along like glee
this impeccable performance of mines deserve a grammy
my bad, just talking sh*t, please don’t twitter drag me
the exploding star combustion, burning instrumental
can, stereolab, experimental
setting these standards catalyst, during my time
downward movement to west coast, i’m just a fun guy
mobile suit, zoot suit, watch my chain action
tick tick goes the count down, sp*ce translation
hypersp*ce highway with light speed and such
doomsday device, “oh, what a rush!”
entered this sp*ce zone, forgot my d*mn phone
i guess i gotta sign off, she gonna let terry bone…d*mn…