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lirik lagu 104.5 fm – wonder (rapper)


you are now (uh!)
tuned into wonder (big boy)

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
ew b*tch
ew, e*e*ew
b*b*big wet fat shaking asses on my d*ck, yeah
b*tches love to twerk and know my name is (allison, can you explain what)

yeah, big ass choppa b*tch, and i aim it your (wh*what?)
and i’m fast to block a b*tch who don’t know how to shake her b*tt
on my dash, i keep that stick, i keep that motherf*cking clutch
a*a*and i lie up on my tracks ’cause i don’t really give a f*ck
gang sh*t, i don’t speak your language
commes des garcons, you been on some lame sh*t
and your b*tches got corona, that’s just who you hang with
raise extension, going 90, i just crashed the rangе, sh*t
a*aye, pass the 40, i just drink it then i spit (fwp*ptoo)
b*tchеs h*rny, and they (ftp) on my d*ck
yeah, yeah, snap recording, yeah, my friends are freaking lit
o*o*oh my god, i am awesome, i just saw a lady’s tits
ice in my b*tch, and sh*t, i hit a l!ck li’l b*tch (huh, yeah)
ice on my wrist, and sh*t, i got some whisky d*ck (yeah)
and i don’t f*ck with blunt hoes, get up off my lawn, hoe
feel like rajon rondo, i just bought a condo
y*y*yeah, i love my girlfriend, she’s so motherf*cking hot, and beautiful, and cool, and awesome, and sick, i love her , i love her, i love her a lot
i just went into my brain, all my signups are fire, and i just created a thought
all of your homies are lame, they are not with the gang, i’m reloading a gun that i shot (huh, yeah)
block a b*tch, get up off my c*ck li’l b*tch
i feel like chief keef because, like, i don’t really know
i don’t f*ck with any hoes, i just don’t know where to go
i just cracked my f*cking phone, i put b*tter on my toast, (mm, yeah)