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lirik lagu 4u – woop


(hook x2)
is she rock it?
is she shake it?
is she loose up?
i guess she ‘er crank it

(interlude x3)
baby girl, what you do to me
(i made it one fo’ you)

see, that count. i made it clap 4u
and if ya do, i spin that check on u
it ain’t no rules, cause you keep breakin’ all the rules
and that mean more, why you do it, that sh-t cute
if i could, i’m gon’ spit ‘er, like a can opener
she know i miss the pop like a canned soda
she know i run sh-t, and f-ck n-gg-s, get ranned ova
and it is me and all my killaz who.
can’t step awayz my soldier
they killin’ me, without my n-gg- x2
rush it and wiggle it, and i ain’t trippin’
go, man, i keep flickin’ it
is she gon’ get it x2
if you ain hit it x2
you f-ck n-gg-s need to forget it
she say you killin’ sh-t, yeah, n-gg- wit a baby face
i say you straight f-cked, i hit a girl wit a poker face
hey, girl, you hot as f-ck, i call you microwave
if you thought that for me, i show you betta days
hold on, magic sittin’, cute -ss, cletios,
king of diamonds. rolex, even the outfit
cut dream, man, i used to test, i made it one fo’ you

(interlude x3)
baby girl, what you do to me
(i made it one fo’ you)