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lirik lagu greyhound everywhere – word play


[verse 1]
north county nigga, saint louis where i’m from
i know several ways to make your girl scream and c-m
and my neighbor got some thraxx, i’m so high i’m feeling numb
and i want a fit dark chick with melons for a b-m
h-town where she from, like a tsu alum
man she sexy than a b-tch, and she make my sausage plump
greyhound every fucking where, i don’t mind taking trips
i can tell she from the south, by the way she sucking d-ck
and her friend yeah she aiight, imma give that b-tch a tip
i’ll be all up in her mouth, like some copenhagen dip
greyhound everywhere, i don’t mind taking trips
yeah i greyhound everywhere, with some pressure on my hip

[verse 2]
yeah i’m gonna whip an r8 but i know that it’ll take a little time
so imma get my doctorate up in the meantime
upgrading my life, yeah i like them inclines
and for all them backstabbers, i got concrete on my spine
but we can smoke until we blind, we can wine while we dine
i just wanna spend some time, baby girl you so d-mn fine
you should be a crime, ain’t no way you that d-mn bomb
and you can mark my words, i’m gon get you when it’s time
and imma go deep, like i’m calling out a fade
experiment experience gon get me really paid
i’ll be blowing on some doety while i’m sitting in the shade
remember, i’m the fucking don, i’m the ace of fucking spades
greyhound everywhere, till i make enough to fly
walking in the station and you know d-mn right i’m high
logging on to netflix, either archer or totally spies
or i’m listening to word play, ldv until i die