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2 in a day - workrate lyrics


[verse 1: workrate]
if the paigons could afford it
add that k to the 6, that’s bullsh*t
how many times got round with full clip
bro with the rambz, get straight to the saucin’
one time dump 2 in the 3, and came back p*ssed
never firm no bullets
buy new ped or pattern the corsa
now i’m back there, tryna find dem p*ssies
they say “workrate’s the rudest”
nuttin’ but truth, from young be the nuisance
the most beautfiul things came [?]
gang [?] nuff double nankings and shootings
just gimme that drop, man’s routin’
change them plates, [?] shoes on
do drills, have ’em askin “who done?”
no one got [?] my 6ixers goons on
do drills, have ’em askin “who done?”
no one got [?] my 6ixers goons on
and if that drop got swung my way
i got round ‘ere, and swung my blade
from ‘015, been bullying punks
so you would ever heard that i hung my blade
buck in [?], we bullying punks
cause this is greenford and we run this place
[verse 2: sixty]
2 in a blue of whiff, i whip that sh*t and got 3 zeds
came along way from gliding on peds
and rose is dead, we rose our skengs
stress, they blew of broski’s name
now they can’t mention wizz again
gelato straight to the head
why? cause rose got done in his head
and shak got done on his chest
now make senses why he run out of breath
empty clip, ’till nuttins left
two in a day, we’re the wildest in west
what you know about chilling in the back in a ride
cause you’re legs too long for the ped
and it’s clear that we’re winning this beef
how many man got shot or cheffed?
this [?] hip too flames
this ain’t no normal blade, it’s got 3 types of dna
i shot one yute on the mains
and all ’till now, i don’t know his name
they got young teewizz locked in the cage
but that’s all calm, [?] to the game

[chorus: sixty & workrate]
2 in a day, we’re known for it
i can’t shed light on my 6ixers did
all dem nights, tryna bill us a spliff
and now finally we got rose in it
2 in a day, we known for it
your bredrin died, get over it
i heard teerose get put in a spliff
now, them yutes are overp*ssed

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