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lirik lagu 37 minutes – worldzawayy


there was blood on my hands, there was blood on ’em
i had to hit him with the blade so he would fall
seeing red, all my anger dead
i don’t wanna breathe, malicious thoughts in my head
she feels the fear, my presence is near
peek through the bushes, my attendance is here
declare my love for the blade and the drink
impulsive decisions, don’t take time to think
37 minutes to say: “i will k!ll you”
grimy motherf-cker, snorting all of this mildew
prince of the poison, i was born in the sewer
icarus, four hors-m-n, weighing scales, deck you
little boy fist f-ck a b-tch ’cause she stuck
and i k!lled the wh0r- ’cause i keep my glock f-cking tucked
tik tok ke$ha, cult esque gestures
full shooters every angle, pray that i’ll bless ya
sic lucifer on the f-cker, sever head
i’m antichrist, black sheep, pestilence bred -bred
f-ck what they said -said
chest made of lead -lead

girl i’ll take you with me when i fall f-cking dead -dead