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lirik lagu rapture – alternate version – wounds of recollection


i hear the sound of the triumph of rapture
lock arms so we can all die together
loved ones will sew our bodies below;
in shallow graves, rotting beneath the glowing moon

i see the faces i was meant to trust reflect off my iris
and i am afraid
i know that the voices i cherish will blur my thoughts every night
and i am afraid

it’s a dance; flutter soft and slow
look through me; there’s a warm glow
come outside but don’t look;
everything we built has died

they play the hymn mocking my loss;
crushing my body
beneath the lights guiding mе home;
glowing in scarlet

i was a moth caught in the light of my friеnds
i was a moth who will be left behind in the end

rapture has left me alone;
and i am afraid



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