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lirik lagu bad girls (freestyle) – wrekonize


it’s almost midnight
and me?

i don’t need a hype train
riding on the tracks trying to get up in my path on the right lane
twice came night shade
bout to put it in the gl-ss now you drink it up fast
feel the migraine i claim
mic gang everybody wanna a piece
but they not ready for the price change
like that my name
got a little bit of sweet but i can’t find peace in the ice age
get another path to light this mask of vices
succotash i’m f-cking g-ssed to mic this
rubber bands a couple grand i might hit
other friends were f-cking ben divisive please
get down on your knees bow down to the freeze like fleas
phonetically taking heads like we the lebanese
break down if you need another re-do
i’ll be here all year letting ya’ll know
just which one of them is see through
and which one of them you needing me to see to
i’m on one again uhh
on the road but i’m still loading the pen
cadence sharpened for the throne i’m gon win
swinging at ‘em then i’m gone with the wind
gable got the goal of cain and abel gift of gab
i’m able to be on a label
but i’m quite unstable if you leave the stable
i’ll turn wilder horses into minor fables
it’s a st–z
see i do it well and she knows it that’s why she grieves
whenever the lord of grammar manor has to leave
these kids enamored by the glitz and glamour but they never really had to hold it down
i used to be that way when i when i was young and dumb but thankfully i’m wise and older now
that’s not to say that i know everything
cuz i know nothing nothing is the holy vow
but everything i’ve learned along the way is what i use on stage when i control the crowd
gimme a little second and i’mma let ‘em know
that i’m kicking a million records before they let me go
i send ‘em a little message a raven with a crow
so maybe they’ll get it and act their part up in the show
back with another one you should keep up with the flow
i’m running around and i’m dropping in on every coast
i’m gunning em down and i’m never stopping to reload
so run and go tell em to never come against the goats