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lirik lagu come down freestyle – wrekonize


[verse: wrekonize]
i swear this world has lost its motherf-cking mind
and its like it’s been up to public design to have us all undermine
my dc’s are primed to visit the finish line, but i just can’t get out of this quicksand
every other second, every minute is another chance to get it
when the president is [?], no pushing us to the limits
i need room to breathe, and a room that sees all across the water, look at this city
if you f-ckers need me you know where i am
even though that friend thinks i ran like i wasn’t never fam
god d-mn what a scam
they got you acting again like you lost your f-cking mind, and i’ve been trying to reel it in
but that ship done sailed
i already knew what it was from the quick thumbnail
this world has gone pc, and i don’t mean the os, fool
i mean like in this world today i’m feeling like deadpool
scared face where they just cut out the cancer
smile on it though, like i think i just got the answers
but truth be told there’s no control, bruce banner
i’m just trying to stay alive and not get f-cked, sansa
stark on the crest, stark i’m the best tony
stark raving mad, stark i’m the man, blow me
stark off the branch, stark run the trap solely
i’m like thomas shelby in this b-tch, i’m feeling unholy
see i got nothing left, but doing this music sh-t
no that’s a lie i got a few other grooves i’m in
but i’ve been sitting here and holding the cougar in
and trying not to let it blow like vesuvius
my strange fam has been known to erase plans
of wack rappers trying to mumble over the b-ss and
to be completely honest i ain’t stressing on they clan
’cause bigger trolls are blocking the lane now
sp-ce jam
they got mon-stars, i got king kong bars
riding long boards tearing through a golf course
this industry is shaky got us down on all fours
getting f-cked on the screen with no soft core
just got my royalties back in the drop
feeling weird ’cause i think somebody’s wires were crossed
my songs streamed a million times
sh-t, well that’s kind of boss
it earned me just enough to go out for a kfc box
so i focus on the fans out on tour shaking hands
sending messages again and again and again
’cause y’all keep me in this game sh-t
so why don’t they reply back?
it would be real ironic if i couldn’t wrekonize that
strange game chained down to my waistline
second album for the snake and bat, it’s about game time
stiff compet-tion on that may 5th date line
but a great move for culture, i’m ready to make mine
so let this sh-t be known all around this sticky globe
the season has begun, don’t you leave your riffs alone
i’m coming for the beats and i’m leaving them with murder
one month until we eject into the further