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lirik lagu confetti (freestyle) – wrekonize


might have lost count again
is this is it 20?

coming back to run up on the track with a vengeance
it’s that under the ground governor
dubbing the sound that’s been popping up in your mentions
i see so much in these reflections
i see the memories of past tense friends from my progressions
i’m still moving but sometimes i hit them dead ends
i feel lonely even though it seems that i fit in
i don’t know where the f-ck i’m going sometimes
but i keep on driving just hoping for no collisions
i slid in to this body in 8 3
my vantage was hd my language was hasty
they spammed us with hate speech
and d-mned us to make leave
this ain’t your neighborhood
we don’t care what your race be
don’t care what you dream about
don’t care if you make beats
don’t care if you bleeding out don’t care if you make peace
but i just wanna sing momma
they blocking doors and they don’t wanna let me in momma
sh-t i keep on trekking like i’m sarah in the labyrinth
and i don’t give a f-ck if they out here trying to be savage
they trying to keep from my babies with all of these these habits
or the threat of cabbage and what happens if i don’t have it
what a world i’m hanging up the noose on all you b-st-rds
i think i’ve seen enough to call the bluff on all these facists
racism basically making the patients debate if
we’re equal or if we should be put in cl-sses
my pirate ship is cruising through your city fast
on stage for 30 minutes ripping then we dip and dash
sick in fact i need medicine for spitting brash
i kick it back with a sip of liquor fill the flask
gimme that in the lounge dim the flicker flash
lemme coast up on this highway to h-ll and back
i came out here to make this look good
so rolling through your hood
is what we should do like the men in black
breaking through the barriers like it ain’t thick
stab me if you feel we family i’ll show you clegane sh-t
pulling the blade from my face like is that yo hit?
is that how you were planning to come and be so legit
i just wanna be me
but they keep telling me i can’t only settle for peace
sometimes you need to beast
so i cover up the real me suppress the british
and put the mensch out on the bench i’m talking war no yiddish
it only takes a sane man to truly know his limits
and then a man who lets it all go to press his image
these things that happen off the stage you can’t even get it
the politics we swallow sh-t you couldn’t even sip it
break it on down my grounds they pound the sound
it feels like every cynic just wants to k!ll it
i’ll just be here doing what i’m meant to innit
you should come out and rock with me sometime it’s been a minute

number 20
almost to the halfway mark
let’s go