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lirik lagu fugitive (witness protection mix) – wrekonize


if the phone don’t ring and the line goes cold
i really need you to know, you got to let it go!
just let it go! (oh)
they can lock me up ’til my faith grows old
but they’ll never take away my soul
unless i let it go, i won’t let it go! (oh)

[verse 1]
i worked in this city for years
thought that i had persevered
snapped once and they labeled me a murderer
i should have woke you up this morning
just to tell you that i love you
but i didn’t really feel like disturbing ya’
i saw the city go from golden to gotham
wholesome to rotten, rock bottom, south beach to serbia
now they’ll convict me with murder, ha?
carry up my so-called peers
i can’t believe the f-cking nerve of ya’
i’ve seen the gas price go ozone
fast life in slow loans
we are burning down my lavish old folks home
now i’m choking on the bone that they’ve thrown
cause i can’t chew the fat full of hormones and war songs
i should’ve let loose from time to time
deep breath and low tones
to beat the stress and bed it in my souls’ home
instead i cracked up in cold sound
jail bars with no dope
praying to a god i’m sure i don’t know


[verse 2]
been on the road for seven whole months
haven’t been back home once
but i came really close to doing it
half a year when i’ve been running
hiding out from cops, do nothing
it’s like living your life as a fugitive
kept to myself human contact, my new
ever since the day that i knew i had to fly coop
i stuck to the plan like a million dollar man
with a million dollar scam
in my cold infringed hands, so
whittle away, whittle away, whittle away now
miles away from the sick and twisted playground
i broke free and ran at speed to can break down
the jake through 88 towns
always a second lay clowns
i think about that time p-ssed and realize that i was g-ssed
but couldn’t see it until my life was being layed down
the sunsets are lookin’ strange
how am i still getting changed
even when it’s more attention that i pay now


[verse 3]
been on the run about a year
and i think i truly fear
that somebody’s always out to try and round me up
across the block from a station full of cops
and somehow i know, my apology ain’t gon’ count for much
i ran the motherf-ckers round
twenty states in every town
and i’mma bet they can’t wait to beat me down in cuffs
i’m calling you, so no matter what they do
you’ll know i turned myself in
willingly to serve a thousand months
i know i murdered a man
and in the after-life i’ll burn in eternal revenge
there ain’t a thing them pigs can do to make me feel worse than you
what i’m saying is, i know violated all you knew and
if only i could go back, call myself to know that
life can be a cold cap
but nothing worth murdering a man, not even nearly
now i say goodbye for ever, tell my son i love him dearly and

if the phone don’t ring and the line goes cold