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lirik lagu galil – wrekonize


[verse 1]
i been all alone and thinking you should know
that even if you go the world moves on
pick yourself an alias it’s alien to you
but the world sings new songs
catch a falling star i be by the bar working on my next two wrongs
finding somebody thats gets me high
ready and spreading to s-x too long
turning to divorce i been falling off the course this year
better develop a force to fear
i’m at the end of an awful era
tired of the playing nice guy why i’m micheal cera
in this here spiteful terror i need to be a rifle bearer

it’s real, uh-uh
feel my galil
uh-uh, yeah
feel my galil
feel my galil
yeah, uh-uh, yeah
feel my

[verse 2]
3-4 get it 3-4 feel it moving up your spine need to see more
losing all my minds here to steal yours
i’mma do fine see this c4
i’mma move chameleon
underneath it all i’mma reptilian
with a middle man getting me really strong
here to make me at least a million
i’m a cool collect character
would you respect that of a
two tone tech amateur
firing back at ya upping the caliber
check my calendar and you will see i’m excalibur
swat down all challengers i’m up the ladderer maddest of hatterers