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lirik lagu long time coming (wrekmix) – wrekonize


[verse 1]
two steps out the door and i’m back for more
future vintage tour, feel the rhythm of war
got ’em spinning before off a limited score
but now we back with big stacks so give me the floor
me and my brothers known to cover the gang of the bloodsuckers
zombies, werewolves, mud-chuckers
they throwing dirt on their name, but still some love us
the real ones recognise not to run from us
so, we keep running through the states come join
mean town, chi-city, to the morn
i’m in your barcade pocket full of coin
mezcal mule and a half smoked joint
where would i be without all this love?
all these drugs, especially the legallest ones
that the doc prescribes me to get a little kick back
i ain’t even sick man, forget that
i’m moving through this world just trying to get scr-ps
rugrats out on the road chilling with big cat
and i’m guzzling stems
rolled too much got me in trouble again
but it’s all good please let me beg your pardon
the music’s a bargain for all who rob us like
go ‘head and call it the future sport
running man updated to shoot your force
i’m going break neck speed
make wrek bleed
it’d take about a weightless dream
bake up steam
i’m trying to get a makeup scene
for great things
and i can do this all night no vacay needed
so what you got for us?
is it a grammy and accolades?
a chain for me to rock out to the matinee
gifs in my inbox jif on my bread
no complaints we just came to kick it instead

[verse 2]
tech told me to handle ’em
battle for champions
they all mismanaging the keys to the palace
and we walking in famished like
give me a sample
and i don’t give a d-mn what rapper your pandling
i’m on a wrong train running
all stops are low key and all mean something
give me space let me get y’all b-mping
filter all off bout to tell y’all something
get it now only 2 days left
fv future vintage f-ck the rest
i’ve been k!lling
copycats with no rhythm
probably best that they didn’t
try to get all onboard for the k!lling
everybody wanna get a piece of the filling
but we just here to kick it up way past the ceiling
everybody come on out support
this one’s gon’ be special now part for course
and if you don’t believe me you can head to the source
cause i was once told that you just can’t have cause without