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lirik lagu paper trails – wrekonize


[intro: bernz]
these social networks are really not that social

[verse 1: wrekonize]
log on login, build yourself a colony
to fall on fall in, welcome to the grid
i’m an 80’s baby so it was seldom as kid
that we could welcome all who live who into my family room like this
with a concept that something so intangible could object
and have a teenage girl hanging herself from lack of prospect
they call them your friends i call ’em connections
cause once the cables cut they’re no longer there for protection
at times the web can counter your conception
break your spirit down and have you losing your direction
wander through the wire flying high over the cuckoo’s nest
and try to dodge the squatters who be comment bombing you to death
does that seem like what friends would really do?
back stabbing slash a m-ssive bashing on your breathing tube
hide behind a firewall and firebomb your demon’s fuse
leaving only paper trails which burn up in the ether pool
here’s what you need to do

[hook: wrekonize]
if you’re losing friends, don’t let that bother you
cause it’s hard to tell the friends from followers
it’s real, it’s ill, it’s a long paper trail

[verse 2: bernz]
earn a friend, lose a friend, buy a friend’s vote
cellophane sentiments watch the seed go
maybe i’m the bad one, maybe i just don’t know
but when i cop a stash my list of buddies will grow 10 fold
so i try not to step on toes
cause really the circle shrinks, the larger my circle grows
i hit up the botanica for momma’s favorite wish list
and tell her to make a potion that’ll turn reality to fiction
these f-ckers think it’s for the fame
but really it’s for reasons that i can’t easily explain
losing more than i gain when i pander to what they say
they ain’t a part of my clique just cause they a cl!ck away, nah
they rely on a book of faces
but only get some love in fragments and small traces
too busy on our own while b-tches will paper chase us
steady looking for cheese like rodents inside of cages


[verse 3: wrekonize]
hey! i’ll settle for 20 friends or the below
how many of ’em are actually up for the roughest of roughest
he will never know
the circle of bodily changes, it’s personal modification
no modesty and it’s amazing, the hazing is strange and
it grows, in the city we know to be home
i get so busy that as i get old, i feel the drone get above my zone
it’s been a minute and this is a dividend of a significant trend it’s ridiculous
and i’m oblivious but i been lifting up on this curtain for so long
wrong, this book of the faces strong
so shook and evasive, i’m getting the feeling we’re never alone
i’m walking around and stomping the ground
the popular sounds a bottle of nouns
you talk up the town and your momma is proud
cause “ooh, you got some followers now!”
wow, i lose friends like it’s a sickness
they bend like it’s for fitness, but ben is never the witness
get this kiddie so dizzy he’s ready to gimme
his every penny and beg for the ending
and now for so long they been getting us on
with a method that they actually want us to call… friendly


[outro: wrekonize]
come one, come all
come down, log on
come one, come all
come one, come all
come down, log on
come one, come all
come down, log on
log on