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lirik lagu blue diamonds – written by jimmystacks


what’s the beef n-gga
i’m elyte n-gga
(king hova)
the game just got
started b-tch
i’m loving what i
started b-tch
feelin bad for them
other n-gga’s
that can’t be
apart of this real talk
i’m getting it pop’n bottles
i been rich look it how
i walk b-tch this not no off sh-t
this is call that boss sh-t
jinx’s got me some super kicks
so you know i got them off colors
blue patterns wit the white strips
red bottoms on ice pics
the blood line is so thick b-tch
the loyalty you ain’t f-cking wit
money talking that bullsh-t
i’m public enemy
number one b-tch
got a couple n-gga’s
that a jump ship
my n-gga’s don’t
follow rules b-tch
this is called the take over
i’m ruling sh-t cause i do sh-t
who can stop this move b-tch