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lirik lagu 0h n0! – wyliezzz


verse 1
ima wreck u feel dead i know oh
ill k!ll whoever makes u stress oh no
is it me baby tell confess xo
ill take my life if helps the rest lets go

slit my wrist bloods start to drip drip drip
f*cked up sh*t but its life u stupid b*tch
hardest hit was when u took my heart from me
taunting b*tch you know my hearts gonna bleed

verse 2
baby won’t u come thru wit ur love
i need u more any type of drug
loving pain i know hating is the l*st
tried to die more than twice life is more than tuff

tell ur parents i hate em they tried to take u away
im trying to die i don’t wanna be safe
might as well live in h*ll wit out u bae
gimme the chance i won’t make the mistake