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lirik lagu wings for marie (pt. 1) – tool

you believed.
you believed in moments not conceived.
you believed in me.

a p-ssionate spirit.
boundless and open.
a light in your eyes, then, immobilized.

vacant, broken.
fell at the hands of
those movements that i wouldn’t see.
cause it was you who prayed for me so.
what have i done to be a son to an angel?
what have i done to be worthy?

day light dims leaving cold fluorescence.
difficult to see you in this light.
please forgive this selfish question, but
what am i to say to all these ghouls tonight?

she never told a lie.
well might of told a lie.
but never lived one.
didn’t have a life.
didn’t have a life.
but surely saved one.
saved on.

alright, now it’s time for us to let you go.

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