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lirik lagu xanstyle 3 – xanman


trap get hot, yeah, then it’s moving
get a bop-up, no, i ain’t smooching
alias u-u with a tool in it
in the trap all the time, i might move in it
get the work off, think i’m a goalie
line the plug up, i think i’m jody
red tips in my gun, pepperoni
say he gon’ rob me? laugh emoji
i threw the work in the air like a floatie
i catch him outside, think i’m bregoli
i got water, i ain’t talking ’bout holy
point the dog at my neighbor, they nosey
everything you say you did, but i did it
i move in a small circle, like a pivot
rob the plug, then i ask him who did it
in the field, lil’ n-gg-, like witten
dog on me like i had to mike vick it
sold him remix, no ficky-ficky
you can get backdoored where you living
trapped in my school, n-gg-, i ain’t skipping
two-tone glock hanging out the nissan versa
stay with a wand on me, now i feel like timmy turner
creep in a n-gg- yard and everybody call me herbert
get away, oj, n-gg-, i ain’t do the murder, yeah
.40 on me, i don’t hesitate
shoot gon’ lean back, i ain’t talking ’bout a fade away
i’m a real trap n-gg-, put an addy in my gatorade
break down the q-p like i had me a razor blade
i throw the work off like i had me a hand grenade
i grab the chopper, let it sing like it’s tory lanez
meet the plug in the country, i got me a quarter tank
the .22 jammed, but i know that the .40 ain’t
we already know her son dead, but the daughter ain’t
i’m shooting, i’m scoring, i might go to florida state
i line up my shooters, i’m thinking i’m major payne
these n-gg-s be acting, remind me of damon wayans
pew, pew, pew
hey shoot!