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lirik lagu i was looking in the mirror with the blade on my left – xchris


verse 1
that knife in my chest and the heart that you ripped baby catch me in h-ll im surrounded by flames
the devil is seeking my soul has defrosted the pain in my arm sacrifice me instead
feed me those toxins my blood look like lead leave me rotten instead my face looking red and blue
the sky has lowered the sun like the ocean the gr-ss is purple my skin looking blue

gun off safety, my colors are faded
please dont save me
my eyes bleeding blue
k!ll me slowly
pain can’t destroy me
crucify me
upside down

verse 2
im so faded
got me off the molly
got me drinking heavy
screaming f-ck mental state
f-ck religion
demons tell me to listen
but they don’t hurry
so i do it myself
im so lost and im so unstable
but i can walk
imma go hang myself
slit my wrist
thinking f-ck everybody
i hate everything
and i hate everything else

verse 3
sell my soul f-ck it i just want the profit
look at my eyes you gon freeze if im honest
im not easy to read
im not easy to please
but im easy to bleed
man f-ck
if everything has a true meaning then explain my life
my brain is toxic it lies
please just let the drugs decline
im losing my mind
the lean yeah it spills
the witches are near
i am your fear
i come to your room at night
and then i cut off your ears

honestly i only hate all my life
honestly i wanna f-cking just k!ll everybody
and then i stab em like twice
stump on his head
and then i just eat on his brain
and yeah my stomach is fed
(and yeah my stomach is fed)