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lirik lagu 4 u – xp


[verse 1]
see i was chilling out with brandon
and i was thinking to myself like
you know this sh-t could all in like one night
whether i’m the best or not at rapping i’ll be alright
as long as i stay alive to keep fighting that good fight
with depression i’m bobbing and weaving
chubby mlk i was dreaming a dream and
you know how many seasons
a n-gg- had swore he was leaving?
you know how many demons
i tried to give fans and a feature?
never in cl-ss but man i was trying to teach em
that when you beginning
it’s more than rhymes in a sentence
you grab your soul and you vent it
and when say some sh-t then you meant it
so when you drop and finished
all them hating n-gg-s will stand back and listen like


and it’s all 4 u….

and it’s all 4 u…

just know it’s all 4 u..


[verse 2]
story of a kid they knew belong on a stage
who ain’t what he seems followed his dreams tryna get paid
see free taught me show respect to n-gg-s are over me
ya5hi3 taught me if i wanna do it do it quietly
kat taught me always just to do it for the culture
and shane taught me never ever listen to no suckers
i’m gonna do it til they love me
never amount to nothing chilling with los
make sure my mixes roll with the punches
taking it all fitting the game like it was a glove
my skin getting tough
guess that diamond was in the rough
if n-body listen i won’t really give a f-ck
just know that i did it for the love
yeah i did it 4 u!

yeah it’s all 4 u….

i said it’s it’s all 4 u…


i said it’s all 4 u….

it’s all 4 u….