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lirik lagu zombieland rule 32 – xv


zombieland rule 32
(feat. irv da phenom)

[tv switches]
[female:] “the world ended, didn’t you get the memo? ”
[male:] “if you know what you want in life… ”
another male: “… told me after i lost everything that we’re free to do anything”

[intro: irv da phenom]
see i gotta let the truth out
life will never be perfect
so all we gotta do now
is find a way to make it worth it
in a world full of zombies
you are all that i need
you are all that i need

[verse 1: xv]
unh, don’t fall for ’em, ice cold
with my heart on froze and my gl-ss on chill
just a portion of life is a fortune
cause some n-gg-s didn’t spend that wheel
unless they had some vanna white they could sell
probably weighed more than vanna white on a scale
you know as much as you can when you don’t know enough
the hard part is growing old without growing up
gotta kush-filled bowl ready, loaded up
and a couple bad hoes tryin to roll with us
who show off their body off like it’s a canvas
just to be apart of the student body on the campus
me and the devil have had a couple of dances
highway crashes, bad romances
girls taking interests like cash advances
don’t live for the glances, baby take your chances

[hook x2: irv da phenom]
if this gets old, it’s nothing new
come hit this smoke, come sip this juice
just live your life, that’s what we do
enjoy these things: rule 32

[verse 2: xv]
i said hey, what’s your name?
she replied “wichita”
d-mn, we on squaria now, how’d you get this far?
well, i’m the kid with the green backpack
i live life, and write raps, but i’m black
so they try to say i couldn’t live my dream like martin
cause they know i’m from the middle like malcolm
look at this thing we started
every circle wanna square n-gg- round ’em
you ain’t in x’s box? go on, get ya wii on
told you i never was the one you should sleep on
now you want the curb like larry and leon
cause you ain’t bout the life that the l7s be on
we on

[hook x3]

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