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go to the river - yael naim lyrics


“go to the river”

when you feel ashamed go to the river
when you’re feeling sad go to the river
when you’re feeling blue inside, immersed and tied
when you’re feeling stuck in pain, forever

go go go go — go tonight, you
sigh and sigh inside you long for
more, more of the life you had be
fore fore fore, let the seasons
arrive and dive let the winter snow and
glow glow when the wind will blow just
flow flow, eventually you will know

when you’re feeling bad, go to the river
when you’re feeling mad, go to the river
when you feel it blows your mind, cause you can’t find
when you feel you’re going blind, you can’t deny… i say

go go go with the river flow you
hide hide hide — but the river gets wide dont
row, row, with everything you
know , know, know, all you’ve carried inside
side side, let the water unwind — don’t
fight, fight — the river is right — let
go, go, eventually you will grow

when you feel you’ll lose your mind — they’ll let you slide
when you feel you go insane — they let you die

go go the river will know
blow blow, the river will blow
go go ,the wind will sigh
blow blow the leaves can die
go go the seeds will grow
blow blow, the river will slow
go go the years go by
blow blow, with the river go…

go go go go in your soul you
try to fly but never get high you’re
low low — wishing for the
tide to rise — hold your feelings inside
side side side — let the river glide and
slow slow, the winter will go you
know know know — with everything you’ll grow
whatever comes will go

go go go down the river below you
sigh sigh sigh and the years go by and
so , so, the leaves will fall but
more more more, you wanted even more just
go go go with the river flow, you
can’t decide cause the river gets wild you
know, know that there’s no goal no
sign , sign …
eventually you will find

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