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lirik lagu nasty – yamari


ok so double foot up and im chilling in the taxi
took two cup’ed up, me and my bestie in the backsit
did this sh*t by myself like im ralph bakish
i don’t like it clean i like the mix nasty

yeah yeah

i keep a picture of him in my desktop (desktop)
that boy so clean and he never show it off (no no)
im also mad cuz im talking to much (aaaah)
i stay alert cuz the cops my show up (pick up that can)
i need it he call me up and show me love
im always in the back of the room or in the trunk
they talk sh*t bout me so im gonna prove em wrong
im off of nothing im just gonna ramble on

this fool be out switching
deliver it raw like a sushi
don’t wanna be part of the system
im pushing and pull like a piston
that is my pistol give me the kilo
they questioning my existence
this jit be toxic vicious
they borrow my vision yeah
i be out in a mission yeah
estrogen lime and ice girl
i love your compassion yeah
i be think of dashing out
i do some reflexion yeah
gotta stop with the cigars
passing out like i been running a marathon

i got my issues all the way up
i be pulling up with dracos
(?) passos
i been running out the way way waysclosed (?)
i be going off the f*cking metronome
i dont wanna hear you talk*a*alk
i just want you off my dome
i just do better alo*on*one