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lirik lagu deadpool – yandi1k


[verse 1]
ya, ooh, ooh, ya
why you actin’ like a fool?
talk to me wrong, leave you dead in a pool
ooh yea, wearing all red like deadpool
none of these n*ggas ain’t cool
yea uh, been i’m big bool
hop in a whip and i zoom
i sweep these n*ggas no broom
all you f*ck n*ggas get doomed
f*cking two b*tch in my room
i k!ll em dead, send em straight to the tomb
f*ck all you b*tches, you like to assume
heard you a clown, put on yo costume
i got this choppa, that sh*t finna boom
yea uh, i wipe his nose no tissue
is there a problem, there might be a issue
don’t get in it, if you don’t know what you into
n*ggas gorillas, they came from thе d*mn zoo
glock in my pocket, you know that i’m holdin’ 2
i never cap, i only spеak true
red and black on me like jordan no flu
said he from michigan seen em with blue
heard she from venus b*tch i’m from the moon
stop all that talkin’ let’s meet with no goon
b*tch i’m a demon i came straight from h*ll
don’t fw n0body cause no one wish well
she suck a like a fish like a b*tch from shark tale yea uh
all of these n*ggas they cap
i was in last, but these n*ggas got lapped
i’m in first place, now that ain’t no cap
n*ggas talk down and it’s finna be wraps
hole in that n*gga he just gotta gap
yea, oo
[verse 2]
oo, yea
i was in the backroom, countin’ my money
none of these n*ggas ain’t cool, but they sweet like honey
get ready to shoot, we bout to be bussin
stop all that internet, stop all that fussin’
pull up on me put the strap to yo tummy
all you boys lame and that sh*t is real funny
gotta a lil b*tch that ride on my d*ck like a bunny
pull out a 2.4 and i’m feeling like kobe
lotta of y’all cap and y’all don’t even know me
you sniffin’ on crack while i’m sippin on codiene
i got some racks put some racks on ya homie
skinny tight jeans yea these is that balmain
all of these b*tches get f*cked and complain
i got the drip man that is that sauce mane
poppin’ these n*ggas like bottle, no champagne
smokin on gas, yea this is that propane
florida boy sh*t been makin my own lane
yah yah, oo oo