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lirik lagu sunset – yasmim harpeer


take me somewhere far from here
baby, eden is a lost land, adam and eve
the vision of love is so beautiful to see, you put your hand on my face and then i stop bleeding
flowers in your arms, honey on your lips
do not lie to me, do not be rude to me
i’m giving up the world out there because you like the light i have in me
i like the light that appears in your eyes when you heard me speak

sunset in a beach,dream soul i know you want to be with me
a hundred percent of your time pour a little confidence in me
there’s a hurt on my soul that prevents me from smile
i’m walking on the street and a bad feeling takes hold of me
i don’t know how to live if you let me
i climb the highest than i can in the hills full of sands of time
at the pier of the brakes in paris in the fashion week
on my horse running in the wind that brings me in rushed steps to yours arms, eve

sunset on a night when the eclipse happened, a lady sad, a boy sadly taken, both screaming please save me
mermaid of green eyes from my dreams divine comedy, poetry and justice
wine and cheese wind and dust
my fairy godmother
my mountain wolf with one dog, protect me

we did things that we didn’t think that are mistakes, we all gave our best, i need you with me, the sun is cold here.our old sunset on beach make me happy when you look at me

sunset was everything for us, sunset watch the end of us

flowers still grow in tombs, goddess of my life, save me
this cold in my bones when i think at the end
out there has a road and we know where it takes

if you still believe that then ask the sun does not go away
i know i’m being selfish ’cause i know you want to leave and i still beg you to stay

pull the rope, morfeu will not come to work, today
paint the edge so we’ll jump just to break
i love you baby, they can’t know your name
i hope romeo, jack, apollo and ben can give you a surname
harpeer don’t fit with you anyway
letter y for you, letter a for me
the sunset is gone, eden is cold here