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fukwatuheard* / lyfestyle soldier - yeat lyrics


lyrics from snippet


no, i can’t f*ck with you (ooh)
no, huh, i can’t rock with you
no (hoo), no (no), i can’t talk to you
diamonds on my body, when i walk through, the city lights on me
huh, geek up like a god
huh, geek up like i’m talkin’ to ya, bounce up off the wall
bands on the car, (woo) bands on a car (woo)
wanna see you fall, yeah, i’m coming for your heart
you know what these lights, i can see in the dark
you ain’t got these lights, you say diamonds is a art
yeah, why you talk ’bout demon?
yeah, why you talk ’bout me, huh?
why the f*ck you speakin’?
why you talk to me?
why you mad, cause you don’t need me?
every time i talk, they can’t hear me you know i mean it

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