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lirik lagu 16 – yeno


[verse 1]
i remember writing rhymes, back when i was 16
now i am a fiend, flowing h-lla mean
gotta be smart man, stacking all that green
the flow is oh so dirty, but the lyrics always clean
gotta look for love in life, man searching for that queen
cause i am just a human, no emotionless machine
there might be some trouble down the way, but trust me it’s foreseen
if someone talkin’ bad ’bout me, i gotta intervene
don’t hit me with percentages, unless you talkin’ ’bout the cash
don’t you dare to hit me up, if you just ’bout that mumble trash
my life going way too fast. 120 on that dash
think you can keep up with me? i’ll be gone in a flash
my lyrics are fire, transforming ears into ash
i’m flyer than a plane, stuntin’ on these rappers business cl-ss
be careful who you hang with, there might be some snakes in the gr-ss
thinking of that bar exam, i think i can say i p-ssed

[verse 2]
they would only care ’bout me if i wore things that glisten
if you’re in that state of mind, you’re lacking that vision
they should call me adam, cause from the dirt i’ve risen
i could use my own bars when i’m cooking in the kitchen
looking for myself man, going on an innermission
look for me in the museum, hiphops finest exhibition
i’m just spreadin’ love man, i promise i won’t diss ’em
if you want that real rap, turn the volume up and listen
when i write it’s like that. when i spit i might snap
i don’t write for fat stacks, i just write for respect
i’m what hiphop needs, so b-mp this track and don’t neglect
commercial rap is garbage, and trust me, i’ve checked
so you won’t have to do it, nahhh, your ears i protect
bragging ’bout their money, man, that’s the common subject
commercial clowns are all i see, i am what the game lacked
i’m the realest, got my intellect, all i bring is facts