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lirik lagu beautiful creature – yeseo


i found the truth only in silence
when the storm rages and give way in my mind

there’s no doubt and dread
just only sole sense
the purely motion only can heal my pride

i’m a star
i’m the earth
i am millions milk way
in this unexplored world

i’m a human
as you are
i’m the likelihood of countless
untold truth in universe

we’re beautiful creatures
we’re beautiful creatures

oh, oh ah
oh, ha
we’re alive

i’m being myself and peerless
and take off the sh*ll
i’m ready

nothing can’t be real
if i don’t exist here

i feel all the pain and madness
that’s proof of my life
can’t you see it?

all creatures
we share time of life
and that’s who we are

we’re beautiful creatures
we’re beautiful creatures

how beautiful it is?
my life, our time
how wonderful it is?

i’m beautiful creature