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lirik lagu 2x – yhm


[verse 1]
since a youngin i been rocking yhm
yea thats the fam
chintwo put me on the beat you know i’m going ham
10 toes to the surface i ain’t switching no i can’t
gotta keep on winning, turn the haters to the fans

these boys is really culture vultures fiending on our trends
they waiting for our come down but the flexing not gon’ end

shoutout muha, shoutout hamza, word to that boy will
can’t turn on my brothers yea i’m rocking with them still
think you flossing you get shut up quick i’m going for the k!ll
they say yhm “whats popping?” we just tryna make a mill


yhm we some young savages
jerseycityplug leavin down those packages
hammy over there tryna look fabulous
die hard hypebeast but no money
yohoyminoy, u know we the sh-ts
we’ll cut thru u with these muf-kin platinum hits
them trash -ss wannabes got nothing on this
sosa , sixth szn, banta bois just leave the sh-ts!

we wit nothing but that gang sh-t
yhm those the boys that you can’t hang with
coming crazy we got jersey in our hands
yea they chatting we keep running up them bands

[verse 2]
yohoyminoy yea thats the f-cking team boy
take your b-tch and twist her we keep them hands on green boy
feeing like a car im off that gas and lean boy
you can’t kick it with us what the f-ck you mean boy

paint her face da vinci
yea your girl she with me bro
thought this sh-t was scooby doo cuz that girl a freak hoe
p-ss her to yhm she f-ck the team bro
she just want the fame yea that girl is a fiend hoe
boy i got no limit like that bunny beating drums
i be rocking wit the flexers you stay with the b-ms
im flexing hurt your heart bro i think you need some tums
whole gang getting buckets but we never eating chum

why they hate on yhm?
cuz they know that we up
they talking all that cap so we dont give a f-ck
chintwo cooking up them beats yea he serving it up
and we repping 2 3 like a free throw line dunk!