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lirik lagu clean the block – ylg jay


[intro: ylg jay]
yeah, hold on
yeah, hold on, b*tch
yeah (hold on)
(lorenz, don’t stop)

[verse 1: ylg jay]
yeah, my n*gga e slide through, he’ll pop your top
yeah, these n*ggas actin’ like some fiends for the f*ckin’ rock
yeah, i got a n*gga slide through, bend a n*gga block
yeah, i’m comin’ up, n*gga, i’ma show you how i rock
stay up in your lane, lil’ junkie, you a jock
i call my n*gga roddy, get you rich, teach him how to box
teach you like a mom, i’ma show you how to put on socks
yeah, these n*ggas couldn’t get a play, i had ’em kickin’ rocks
we the type to turn the city up, you at the right spot
gotta be lucky with your life, n*ggas gettin’ popped
this n*gga ran up on, that’s some sh*t that get you fired on
you smoke boof, i smokе ‘za, we gettin’ higher on
f*ck a doublе cup, i need a four up in my styrofoam
bro gave me the job, that’s some sh*t we gettin’ hired on
these n*ggas d*ck suckin’, then they hate, look what you ridin’ on
big backwoods up in the stu’, that’s what i’m vibin’ on
me and my n*gga e, yeah, we ’bout to go crazy, n*gga
you the type to never put in work, you actin’ lazy, n*gga
why you workin’ for that dumb ho? you actin’ slavey with it
n*gga, i’m the type to buy a bag and roll an eighthy with it
i’m the type to get up in the stu’ and go and fade a n*gga
all i gotta do is talk to hoes and gettin’ laid up with it
psych, naw, i don’t even want you thots
me and e pull up five mops, clean the block
[verse 2: babyfxce e]
jay came all arps, i pull up with the chop
woke up, made dog sh*t, it ain’t even six o’clock
can’t n0body up the score, got they whole team on lock
bust the ar with one hand and i ain’t even need no stock
and i was high as h*ll, so i was kinda leanin’ when i shot
y’all just buy and sell, got them n*ggas fiendin’ for the wock’
they treat my music like lean, them n*ggas fiendin’ for the drop
unc’ smoked it up so fast, thought he was genie with the rock
i done let you lil’ n*ggas have y’all run, we finna take over
i think my glock off that sh*t when it spit, but the drac’ sober
they said, “who you know can get the scats for cheap?” they called fxce over
n*gga, i can get any shoe before they drop, you gotta wait for ’em
n*gga, i don’t ever wait for sh*t
my last b*tch was crazy, so my new b*tch got basic d*ck
got jammed out of state, paid the lawyer to get the case dismissed
my chop only hit n*ggas, i’m startin’ to think that it’s a racist b*tch