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lirik lagu hello! – ynkeumalice


to the darkness that surrounds me
i talk to short to temptations and sins
how my heart weeps i’m just a lost sheep
lost by the world of sins and addiction
how i’m about to change me for the better me how it be how it be
it’s h*llo to the unknown
where the known is unknown
taboo how it’s taboo in my mind
gray thoughts in my mind with the
gray areas that i call dark and twisted
where it can be known how it’s the unknown don’t em who weak you are
they laugh at you make fun of you
be strong and found with in you
falls and fails
goals and success
how it be up to you
how it be your choice of good
positivity in my heart
don’t take it
don’t run from it
the works deserves
it no one craves it
but the violence with in
one with your self
be yourself
embrace yourself
be true when lost
lost and found
hearts ache
hearts weep
broken down
yeah ik
how it is
for broken
stepping on glass
darkness within in us ik
my mind inner thought ik
how it is how it be
judgmental harsh to judge
it he the worst in my head
how i’m a sheep to the shepard
one the shepard the shepard keeps
me safe
shepard take my soul to follow in you
i be in your pen around the gates i go out lead myself stray and away you catch
me back to the pen

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