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lirik lagu spazz out (intro) – yo gotti


[dj drama intro]
you knoe…
one of the oldest saying in the game is
you only as good as yo last hit
therefore we gave you cl-ssic afta cl-ssic
then they asked
gotti where the alb-m at?
we been giving you alb-ms
go ask the streets

[verse 1:]
i just talked to boosie mama
sh-t f-cked up (h-llo)
she know i’m praying for ya dawg keep ya head up (keep ya head up homie)
i just called ta the city..
young n-gg-s still wit it
so this summer its gone be a killing
plus i got the feeling some p-ssy -ss rappers gonna try to play me,
and the record label might not try to pay me.
but f-ck it, i’m a spazz out, spazz out,
i think i’m a spazz out, spazz out!

[verse 2:]
i just talked to my homie, said he ain’t -ssed out
he got a chopper, and i know he’s about to spazz out.
put that white up for a minute brought that gr-ss out
i’m going green on’nem hoes ma block a cash camp
i put that white up
drop that black and brought that mask out
these n-gg-s still talking ignorant
i’m a crash out!
i’m about to crash out, i’m about to crash out!
a brand new beamer, a brand new phone and n-gg- cashed out
and if i have to shoot a n-gg-, i’m just gon bail out
kick up my feet, watch bet and kush my self out
i never said a lot, labels say i held out
cause i’m made 80k/week don’t give a h-ll about!
the realest n-gg- walking my shows gon sell out
i’m talking chickens b-tch, let’s break the scale out
i’m about to spazz out, spazz out,
i think i’m a spazz out, spazz out!

[verse 3:]
i put my mind in this sh-t
grind in this sh-t
blood, sweat, and tears i put my time in this sh-t
n-gg-s took the easy route
i had to climb in this sh-t.
from cocaine muzik 1 to cocaine muzik number 6
i’m a spazz out, spazz out,
f-ck it, i’m a spazz out, spazz out!
and this that cocaine muzik f-ck it
i’m about to lose it,
mac 19 extended clips n-gg-s gon make me use it
i’m a beat that p-ssy up b-tch, i’ll talmbout bruise it…
spank that -ss…and beat beat it up
cocaine muzik

[verse 4:]
hold on, stop the beat, cut me up
make sure n-gg-s hear me clear
this is my acceptance speech!
i’m the gangsta of the year
thanks the soda, thank the kitchen
thanks the… that show me love
thanks the trap before i leave the stage, i must salute the plug
thank the streets, thank every n-gg- that ever doubted me…
thanks to beef kept me on my toes like i ‘oughta be
look at me balling now, right here i’m supposed to be,
feds won’t trap a n-gg-, hit me with conspiracy
f-ck it, do your job then
broke, i’m a rob then
i need organized crime, we’re a mob, then!
bring the streets back like some hard then
this sh-t is real life, so i’m a put my heart in!
gangsta of the year
realest n-gg- of all time
streets cast ya votes
it’s nomination time

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