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lirik lagu 1, 2, boogie – yo village


v1: afro kai

i self law am master, shall bring disaster
to the powers of the ladder
and through the wire we all prevail
lay down ya false gods, you’re free to inhale
exhale, all the bullsh-t
pull it
like the trigga that ya use quick n-gg- let’s configure
what you seek is inside
it will arrive
when you meet the high
rise like the tides
let the sun be ya guide
lets be sun gods’

v2: a. l. high
life is starting to feel free and thats beautiful to me
its like destiny connected me to the path i seek
working these to jobs getting paid every week
yo village day one and we’re all the way unique
as we peaking our physique
in these streets and on these beats
a.l.high’ll take yo lady turn that -ss into a freak
i speak! not a d-mn thing weak
i reach! all my goals dont be meek

now throw yo hands if ya feelin to free
what’s, chillin inside of the team, now
stomp ya feet if ya vibin with me, c’mon
bounce ya booty like 123, ladies
shake ya hips if ya vibin with we, fellas
break ya necks if ya feelin the beat
y’all throw yo hands if ya just so free, &
everything is straight to the t

v3: a. l. high
really throw those hands if you feeling the beat
really shuffle yo feet if music makes life complete
boogie bounce, get down
on the wood and or on the concrete
i eat, excrete, elite technique
with the m.i.c a.l.high remember the name
ob3 is the gang, this beast can’t be tamed
once this mixtape drops the world won’t be the same
said it once or twice before
dont care about the fame

v4: afro kai

stay afloat, the message that’s common in the hood
no neighbors anymore, no community of good
sols, watching out for each other like a family should
triple k throwin bricks but we smokin the wood
stop the violence, we gotta stop the violence
ain’t no black on black crime without the racists, they waitin
there’s one behind every corner
they gettin bolder
they not gon like me when i’m crackin shoulders