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lirik lagu 400 – yoshua


i feel like he doesn’t even care like that no more
like he really disrespected me like that
i don’t even know how i feel about him now

[verse 1]
ya mans stay taking these ls
i straighten these sails
i got a lot of junk in my mail
she got junk in the trunk, i won’t front (i looked)
how many checks can i get? (booked)
ain’t n-body praying for me
who planting that seed?
who out here watching my back?
boss ain’t cutting no slack, i’m just tryna leave
i’m just tryna get a little air so i could breathe
save some room for me
i’m tryna cop the dub, ’cause i don’t wanna taste defeat
i know that the checks ain’t coming in for free, for me

ran up a couple hundred metadata in nevada