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lirik lagu 5th & grand – yoshua


[verse 1]
i’m walking past an intersection, 5th and grand
did we take a wrong turn? bro i don’t understand
we found ourselves in skidrow, uh oh
drug dealing, weed smoke, tough appearing mean folk
and i’m like hey, please get out my way
i’m just tryna make it home safe today
i got a momma worried sick about me on the couch sitting down
little brother wondering “is kuya okay?”
don’t worry little man, i’m okay, i promise
i got a plan little man, but it’s a long story
gotta get to the union by four
first we gotta make a detour going through 4th

[verse 2]
pershing square, found a piano there, played it
if this trip had a page on yelp, i think i would rate it
a ten out of ten, i would come here again
with my family, or my friends, or my girlfriend
i remember when we first came here together
it was 95 degrees, but she still wanted my sweater
first time she said she loved me, i recall it clearly
now we’re together and i always love to hold her dearly
but life’s like a game, like one that makes you lose
it makes me go insane, it’s sad that i can’t choose
what to do with my life or my future
it’s controlled from the start
and my heart wants to do this
but they telling me “do this and do that
i need it, i need that”
like please b-tch, off my back
you bugging, you seem wack

but they don’t ever listen (nah, nah, nah, nah)
’cause they think we children (oh ma, ma, ma)
i’m caught up in the system (please get me out)
can’t make my own decisions (no running your mouth)
but they don’t ever listen (nah, nah, nah)
’cause they think we children, no (oh ma, ma, ma)
i’m caught up in the system (please get me out)
can’t make my own decisions, oh (no running your mouth)

[verse 3]
please try to understand my predicament
what i’m living in, the problems life’s giving me
it’s brazy, i’m 17 years old, still a baby
why i got to grow old?
it’s heavy on my soul
the pressures of a teenager
in suburban america
i feel it inside (taking over)
i just want to cry (tear ducts no open)
i need a doctor, please
i’m so weak in the knees
someone please cure my pain
and release these chains
i’m looking to the great physician
i need you lord, i’m praying now, no wishing

[skit: matt man]
h-llo, no one is available to take your call
please leave a message after the tone
hey, josh man
you haven’t been returning my calls lately, man
i been worried about you
you too on this rap sh-t, man
you gotta get off this, man
you gotta get on with your life
you gotta do things, man
stop trying to be a rapper, you a fake
just go swim in the lake, man
hit me up sometime, man
stop ignoring my calls
you’re starting to remind me of stan