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lirik lagu face2face – young blood rsa


deep up in the trenches (deep)
i can’t get out
gunshots up in my head i pray to god i make it out (uh*huh)
too late for that sorry text
gotta send a message
i wish that i was there
girl i should’ve just checked up on you (i should’ve checked)
and if i’m honest (and if i’m honest)
you know i love you (you know i love you)
and if i’m honest (and if i’m honest)
ion even wanna cap (no cap)
i don’t even play no games no more
i f*cked up the controller (gone)
swerving in and out of lanes
my life i can not balance

i just need a face to face
i know you can’t forgive me (uh*huh)
this could be my last chance
the last time that you see me (the last)
my clock is running out
i might die up in the south
i can’t make amends
and i can’t fake emotions (no i can’t)
i can not pretend like i ain’t do nothing wrong (yeah, yeah)
our relationship i tried to mend but i f*cked up
on the thread (uh*huh)
can’t even post on twitter i got
needles in my heart (in my heart)
where do i start
you the one that took my heart
and kept it beating
till the end (yeah, yeah)
can’t go up into cardiac
you know i’m barely breathing (uh*huh)
pour a double cup then stay up in the dark (in the dark)
took my light away
and now i can’t even go out and smoke (smoke)
and if i’m honest
it’s hard for me to tell the truth
told my friends i love ya
but it ain’t been showing in my actions
i know i f*cked up
tried to hold you down
made my ego get the best of me
and now i want the best for you (uh*huh)
you can give the rest me
i got the devil testing me (f*ck)
girl i just need a face to face (face2face)

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