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abraxis freestyle - young gleason lyrics


[verse 1]
okay, i’m starting to see this world from a different view
you got back*handed snakes that’ll do anything to k!ll you
they’re on the concrete* man* they’re on the paths
i just laugh (hahah)

i feel like abraxis. no wonder why they won’t back it
you can’t admit i’m doing my thing, so you try and trash it
i’ve done had it
everytime you’ve lied, man, the mandem have backed it (why though?)

i’m fighting every day, i ain’t referring to demons
boxing to get hench, all the sweat and tears and bleeding
hard work pays off, but in this day and age it’s inflation
i’m taxing these opps, they clearly ain’t got dedication

i’m so dеdicated i’ll stay up until it’s dead*late at night
writing songs at 3am just to call out thе plight
i’m young gleason, that ain’t a reference to jackie
i’m the young*old*me, that’s why they don’t back me (yeah!)

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