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mob mentality (feat. big reputation & bluukon tyron) - young gleason lyrics


[verse 1: gleason]
okay, young gleason’s back, welcome to album 2
here with b.i.g, on your songs it’s just you
lame ass projects, use your music to project
i protect my projects, outta this world in a private jet
it’s like my bars are hot enough to melt steel beams
9/11 the game, it’s me and my winning team (hah)
we the mob, leave the game like a murder scene
friday the 13th, b.i.g. on the track and he moving dizzy

[verse 2: big reputation]
i got gunners, the f*ck they know about gunners? they ain’t sniff gunpowder
they ain’t bit a bullet in the ends, they’re eating crab chowder
mob mentality, stick together so there’s no attacking me
why is they backing him? watch me and my team start slapping him
we’re in his face with iron, that’s what we mean by “trapping” him
we’re outrapping him, carol baskin’ him, wild attackin’ him
what you know about being the only one of your team to make it out the crew?
i got a mob mentality, so who the f*ck is you?

[verse 3: gleason]
stab you with a steak knife, stake this knife through your chest
wordplay in 2024 because i’m the best, go suck a breast
when my girl call me up, i give her the icing on the cake (hah)
her face is amazing, but her ass takes the cake (ooh)
back to the point, i got mandem and chicks trying to get on my joint
you got cronies and drug dealers trying to sell you a joint (hahah)
rapping crazy, there’s really no debating who’s the best when you’re me
because it’s as obvious as an apostrophe, you know it’s me (ooh!)
[verse 4: bluukon tyron]
snapping these crackers (brr, brr)
watch them pop
you man chat blathers (mm)
bust them man’s cot
you ain’t got feet (brr, brr)
when you with me it’s vietcong
bluukon got the .1 (mm)
f*ck away from this song

[outro: gleason]
oh sh*t. you guys k!lled it

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