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lirik lagu 123456 blunts – young ill


one, two, three, four, five, six blunts
b*tch wanna kick it with the team like a punt
brought to the crib smoked out now she stuck
one, two, three, four, five, six blunts
one, two, three, four, five, six blunts
b*tch wanna kick it with the team like a punt
brought to the crib smoked out now she stuck
one, two, three, four, five, six blunts

young n*ggas up now these girls want some love
i ain’t got time for that sh*t i had enough
whoa my god suck my d*ck and then shut up
i don’t wanna marry you… [?]

[verse 1] [young ill]
they say it’s gnarly, it’s rowdy
these n*ggas copy the style
my honda look like an audi
you n*ggas uber around
you can’t roll with the pros
i’ve got one, two, three, four, five extendos
i leave my kids on their nose
i like my b*tches like snow
i like my b*tches like coal
i like my b*tches mexican, in fact, i like them the most
i smoke an o with the bros, it had me straight on my nose
she only smoke the weakest n*gga you can’t smoke with the pros

(repeat x2)

[verse 2] [reisen9k]
they told on my b*tch
shamrock on my wrist
witches on my d*ck
we just made a hit
she swallow the kids
raichu my diamonds
die by my command
we will never land
she sipping all the chemicals
she suck my d*ck like a tentacle
that p*ssy pink like a super buu
200 a show, we on go, my team turnt up folks
mami she loco for pesos so she sell dro

(repeat x2)

[verse 3] [keychainz hefner]
one, two, three, i’ll take the threesome
all these n*ggas dogs, quit tryna be somethin’
if we talking bars, i’m taking green ones
if we talking cars, i need a mean one
four, five, six, spent it on my wrist
don’t f*ck with 12, it goes down you won’t live
put that on your kids suck d*ck and forgive
hoe it’s back to pimpin you should tat on your lips
whoa it’s back to sh*tting iv’ve been balling an’ i don’t miss
i can you fallin, i’m scratching off the list
competition gettin’ boring i could tell my team to sit
don’t get me started i’ve been rowdy since a kid

“are you guys like a boy band?”