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lirik lagu 05 zone – young moose


that 05 zone br800 that’s my home that 05 zone come through her you know it’s that 05 zone we be flexing my team strong that 05 zone cross that line we grab them tones
[verse 1]

n-ggas wanna go to war look we can get it on keep the ratchet on me small shirt man that b-tch be showing the way we going to hit your block they going think we throwing bomb run around wit big sh-t chopper longer than my arm n-gga yea for real i’ll get you murked all i got to do is give my lil man 50 purks n-gga got the block banging everyday it’s like the first cross me good forgive me i catch you coming out of church you ant never fresh you’ll look better in the dirt matter fact designer you’ll look better on a shirt if i here you plotting i’m going to grab my ratchet first act like this a water gun i’m going to leave you wet when i squirt daddy told me to stay away from snake they’ll get you hurt momma told me to bust his head if that boy is a low digger made myself a promise that i wasn’t backing down from no n-gga f-ck i need to talk in these streets you got to show n-ggas came home new faces i ain’t know n-ggas so when i hit the bar none of the get no liquor better be about business stack figures and off n-ggas if you ain’t b-tch you can’t be in my circle n-gga say away before i have to hurt you n-ggas hypnotized wit that nine i’ll curse you n-ggas leave a sh-ll in your wave i’ll surf you n-ggas in my n-gga freaky voice earth you n-ggas


[verse 2]
i’m moose i’m that n-gga that you try to be n-gga and i always keep my gun on the side of me n-gga i ain’t worried about the judge throwing five at me n-gga head shot have your brain like broccoli n-gga i ain’t got a road block stoping me n-gga i’m so real i have you wanna rock wit me n-gga shot outs and all that i be popping at n-ggas n-ggas like moose dat while i’m foxing you n-ggas play wit me in july i have you k!lled be for august my adult record what check my juvenile charges y’all n-ggas hate me because y’all now i’m the hardest and when i got the hammer on me i go so r-t-rded hold up you got me f-cked up you must be drunk you for got about the chopper that i had wit the drum look at the sh-t that you n-ggas did cashland and done n-ggas like moses we next b-tch we all ready wone