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lirik lagu 1.intro… – young mugz


[verse 1]
head heavy, broke a levy, thoughts flooding
low funding, d-mn something
gotta pop, like a shot from a cop
to a burnt skin gentleman, strange specimen
benjamin choking me calling me felonies
not my destiny or the recipe for success
tryna be the best, was just a test, same clothes
middle finger to the best dressed
youth is killing, having babies , going krazy
strung out on weed got em acting lazy
you ain’t been yourself lately
hear say don’t make or break me
bridges burnt, when homies turnt
now trust is earned, yeah i had to learn
that love is cool when it ain’t you
but they hate when it’s your turn
i’m dope, like c-ke, they’ll sniff my ashes out my urn
roll me up in backwoods then burn
b-tches fighting, biting, for my sperm
i’m leaving never will i return
sometimes i get so ahead of myself
homie i been past my shelf
and yours, i was bored so i cured
hip hop don’t worry pac it’s secured
i’m shakur, i’m biggie, pun, l, what’s that smell
if i say you can’t tell, they gon hate, oh well
they don’t dwell where i fell, that’s the dungeon
no fam, one man, we ain’t cousins
demons by dozens, pushing b-ttons
layers to me like a onion, heart cold bars hot like the oven
on 350, keep it fifty, i’m one hundred
skinny because my gullet
got no bottom like the rock that i hit
like a spliff, inhale exhale, i’ll never quit
addict what’s you call it
better than being an alcoholic
kobe they want me to stop balling
dnd so please stop calling, they just stalling
tryna harness my conscious
steal my light, but i love the darkness
pitch black, platinum plaque, for what i spit on these tracks
dripping wax, the best crack, all of that
inside my raps
but it’s effortless ,the cleverness that i got
all black like goth kill your career never get caught
and i’m scott free, you got three chances or strikes
ima put this out, even with three likes
im the hottest out like new mikes
or yeezys, you don’t see what i see
you can’t be where i be, all my jewels on and i’m in the streets
comfortably, you ain’t a boss, you under me
i’ll call you pete, pick your poison
wrong choice the nina moisten
i don’t care bout what choice you voicing