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lirik lagu 3rd coast freestyle – young noah



you know what’s irritatin’ is, you got people that wanna move to atlanta and don’t wanna show no love to the artists who from here, you feel me?
then you got all this drama goin’ on, christian rapper, rappin’ christian, all this stuff, man
and i be hearin’ about it, but i be in my own world, in my own lane, doin’ my own thing and that’s how i roll
so, man, you know, people always askin’ me to freestyle again like i did on [?] and so
i just hit ’em with this right here


3rd coast got somethin’ to say
you listenin’?
some of y’all
some of y’all would have nothin’ without drake
a hunnid
nothin’ without cake
you get it
i be drunken in the spirit
cookin’ less about appearance
one god, i fear him
one son, i’m near him
chillin’ with a beer, waitin’ for his appearin’
young boy, i was sore about it
i won’t even waste a lyric
been whippin’ wood grain so long
might get a splinter when i steer it
know you never heard a flow like this
with jesus in it
this what happen
when a young ratchet boy plead repentance
but i bet i still bring the business
but i bet i still bring the business
you don’t wanna see me out here
you don’t wanna meet who i fear
get that mess up outta my ear
if i said it, i was sincere


honestly, man, i mean
i don’t know
i’m just out here doin’ my own thing, man, i ain’t lookin’ for no handout, no approval, no handshake, no dap, no nothin’
it’s me and god, we gon’ ride till the wheels fall off this ride, one hunnid