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lirik lagu 1k freestyle – young nugget eater


first and foremost
i wanna thank you guys for 1000 streams*
1000 plus streams on go
i know yall been waiting
this is you little gift
it your boy he’s back

[verse 1]
1k on my plate gucci loafers what i’m stepping in (yuh)
i’m a okay!
oppa talking way too reckless man
he get sprayed!
paint his block up with my weapon man (bow!)
like a parade!
hit the lotto like the renegade (renegade)
bullet berate!
dirty oppa you get dropped uh
on the floor
you look poor
you a broke boy you cannot even afford s’mores (he can’t)
disrespect me and you gon get outed
might cop a tesla or brand new audi (skrrt)
audi r8, bmw 8
im talking i money is coming in crates
i got me a wesson it don’t hesitate
hope you feeling threatened that wasn’t a mistake
got me a shooter he never take breaks
got me a gl!ck and it’s hot like a baked
my neck is all ice and it’s wet like lakes
copped a mclaren with the purple brakes (aye)
big bands in the back of the benz truck
my brother got that choppa he’ll shoot you if you act up (grrrrt bow!)
dummy little oppa why you scared come on man up
you thought that it was over come on let’s switch the beat up (aye aye aye)
leave me alone
aye aye aye aye aye
i said like aye

[verse 2]
got a gl!ck with no lock
if an oppa keep talk (yuh)
then he gonna get popped (yuh)
and we gon wet his block (boom!)
broke boy get no bands im investing in stocks (yuh)
ain’t got time for oppas man you can just kick rocks (bow!)
paranoia is hitting
just like we was l!cking
but now we stay winning
my neck it be glistenin (aye aye)
please hop out my business
everyday is christmas
your shorty gives kisses
get green like a lizard
cast spells like a wizard
she givin me gizzard
my laptop got stickers
your mama a stickler (pew!)
i’m next to my hitter uh
holocaust ga* huh (yuh yuh)
holocaust gas puffin man out hitler
his lips zipped like a zipper
his doggy named skipper
could have his shorty man i had to skip her
young nugget eater get bands since the winter
tg music v1 coming this fall or this winter
1k baby
thank you
thank you guys so much
i promise
i gotchu
this music*
this ep so far
its been heat
and i ain’t just saying that
stay tuned
i love you
and follow me on instagram