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lirik lagu 2050 – young rj & mega ran


cars ain’t flying, politicians still lying
fertility declining
ill climates
we still climbing, we still vibing
chem trails, no silver lining, you know the science
all will be revealed in due timing, scratching and surviving
ravaging and grinding
no compromising, n0body’s smiling
2050 til infinity we keep riding

(mega ran)
per my last three emails
which explained the details
we was on the dl
from prevent to prevail
old habits went the same way as cd sales
new standards that we held
for women not females
mud made monsters who grew up on 30 men codes in contra, shocking like blanka
how we could still conquer with no sponsors
at the concert throw ya hands up till ya arms hurt
az to zanarkand, cats stay panicking
whenever ran is in, they standing stiff like mannequins
anvil jim neidhart playing my part
dodge darts so the devil hate me like rod smart
witness me, claiming victory on fury road
draped in gold, ensuring the story told
is non fiction, we dodged prison
surpassed your predictions
the new edition is god given

(young rj)
i just now got the response, it’s time to raise arms
yo, the next show i say we dedicate to trayvon
cops still k!lling, except it’s now sanctioned
every show, never know, if we gonna bang with
them organized gangstas, try to stay hidden
rap shows forbidden, we peddle light fiction
pen a phrase, remembered for days, as something different
gifted, while putting in the work like a piston
listen, we crash shows, never get permission
we just arrive, rap the audience into submission
cops arrive, dip, split, quick like it was fission
survival, and notoriety is still the mission
any spot visited, well, i don’t forget it, this life stays embedded
from special, optical chips inside my retina’s
to archive the message, we not ones to mess with, yup
the mic specialists


live from the thunderdome
broken bones, and broken homes
hope is gone but we holding on
don’t push me, i’m close to the edge
how this underground movement get over ya head
they say the future is bleak
sun at its hottest
(rj) it’s never been problem, man i’m
used to the heat
kaiju stomping in, somebody alert the metropolis
we are postponing the apocalypse
young idris, black and gifted
learned to smile through the pain
(rj) so we all m*s*ch*stic
power outage, in a big rich town
now we gotta get the tommy out and cancel christmas
its the end of the world as we know it
but somebody gotta tell it
thank god for the poets
mega and young, come through make competitors run
we doin’ what ain’t never been done