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lirik lagu 10 pm in oakville – young walt


yeah, more
more life for marley and less for greg
more life

you gon make me dig up tyler’s body just to replace it, i’ve been in my bas-m-nt too, plotting on how to change the world i guess yours just isn’t as sp-cious, you lesser rappers wanna come for my head i guess gods just testing my patience, you just wanna make waves boy you just wanna be famous, you wanna play cards now cuz you think you holding the aces, you in my cross hair boy you should have stayed in my good graces, my biggest fear is feeling complacent, but look at you, you live it on a daily basis, your gun loaded like you playing russian roulette, sights set too low like you was f-cking jenette, you fell off for a year don’t give a f-ck who you met, you still came back to me and m.o. cuz we’re the only ones who show you respect, you need to get a grip cuz keaton’s coat-tails got you slipping, i think you got it f-cked up like he was jordan and you was pippen, need to get back on the weed cuz reality got you tripping, drums collecting dust like life gone hand you the gift tied with a ribbon, im tryna teach you a lesson you tryna teach for a living, yeah, you in your feelings and now you talking crazy, someone need to check this man on their mrs. brady, don’t speak on my name like i’m not the next walt disney, you don’t wanna face your fears too busy blowing smoke like a chimney, you just mad cuz your the least successful thing to come out of cindy, more life, and more light for my friends who refuse to see it, we both want the same things my path just isn’t as scenic, i’m steve nash to the city of phoenix, appendix bursting but you front like it’s tied to your p-n-s, more life, and more lines for the boy who wanna come for my neck, head getting too big for the jimmy neutron jokes, guess i gotta keep you in check, i think dan’s just here as vessel to teach you all about life, to stare back at the end and think “i never got it right”, how you wanna make music when all you do is write, you flex for the chat as if michael’s grandma ain’t tuck you in at night, you been a b-tch since you had the sticks running syracuse orange, i don’t know what it is that’s got you feeling important, when we face to face i don’t hear a sound you got me feeling like horton, you all talk like your ice bucket challenge that never recorded, riding kirks d-ck like you fangirling over william shatner, you wanna be keaton so bad i can’t tell whose the better actor, body type of a saltine cracker, you nursery rhyming tryna f-ck with a real rapper, this beef is so high school man save that sh-t for your girlfriend, you just the creepy guy that tags along with your girl’s friends, 2020 vision got you praying that the world ends, 10 pm in oakville got me on top like the green hat on your girl’s head, i done had late night texts about how you the smartest man i’ve ever met, but a smart man don’t come for my head when he’s witnessed what i can do with a pen, thats real, trying to live life in the six but you tied down to a b-tch, no questions please, just leave me be, he pleads the fifth, maybe i just don’t know what its like to find the love of my life, more life and more time to get it right, 10 pm in oakville you ain’t been feeling this wave, you ain’t the one who fell in love with alex russo in the third grade, im the one with the answers got me feeling like im talking to sway, i feel like connor dobbin, got me talking like ye, special order of chicken for the shakespeare of public speaking, i felt the connection i could feel you peaking, real life starting to feel like i’m dreaming, power moves in the making the real ones are scheming, my confidence level growing f-ck the boy who can’t see that, seems more like a job for a girl in a green hat, i miss the old cole, old soul, im talking c-mac